Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Virginia Rose Kane

I have thoroughly enjoyed the people I have “met” or “reconnected with” on this journey I have embarked on as I try to market my jewelry. Creating a LinkedIn page and a Facebook entry and a blog are a few avenues I have tried to follow in an attempt to gain exposure. The icing on the proverbial chocolate cake has been these great connections I have made as a result.

One such person has been Virginia Rose Kane. Her blog, http://indepaper.blogspot.com/, so inspires me that I wanted to share it. I’d think I’d died and gone to heaven to visit a place like The Smithsonian’s Naturalist Center
featured in her blog. We are kindred spirits, I believe…

Ever since I was little, I have been collecting treasures I found outside – a part of a robin’s egg, a really cool piece of drift wood on Manchester Beach, or a snail’s shell. My collection has grown thanks to the wonderful things my sons have given me over the years. I now have a great collection of birds’ nests and sea shells and feathers which I display in tables in my living room. This love of nature has translated itself into my jewelry – especially my PMC work. Spring can’t come soon enough so that I can gather new leaves to “paint” with the PMC paste or new flowers to mold so that I can string them with great pearls. My goal is to “immortalize” them before they wither away. I have so many plans to incorporate feathers and twigs into my pieces; I’ve already made a pure silver heart that was textured from a piece of bark.

In December, I visited the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History and I just wanted to hide in the Gem and Mineral exhibit after closing time so I could take my time and relish all those magnificent specimens. I am determined to find a way to incorporate such treasures into my creations; that steers me in another direction. I took my kids, when they were little, to a mine outside of Richmond (That’s the trouble with getting older…you forget names like that.) It was such fun as we “pan handled” our day away; we came back with buckets of rocks. I still have them and can just see the potential!

Virginia’s wonderful botanical creations are mind-blowing. Look at the detail – I love the hidden intricacies of it all. I even saw a shell stamp on one of her crocus creations that is part of my personal selection. Stamp collecting is a topic for another time…..